Anxiety can be viewed as perpetual conflict within ourselves that is unresolved. Instead it ping-pongs around inside of us causing distress. This distress can look like racing thoughts, paralyzing perfectionism, early or middle of the night waking, physiological pain, irritability, and irrational fears. These are all ways our mind and body let us know we need extra support. When logical thinking and self-care are no longer enough, it is important to examine your thoughts in a safe space and address the roots of your anxiety. Together we will work to help you find relief from rigid patterns of thinking, endless mental rabbit holes, and racing thoughts.


Depression visits us in many forms; sometimes it looks like isolation, loss of motivation, feeling chronically lethargic, excessive sleep, hopelessness, anger outbursts, increased substance use or numbing activities, or just feeling “off” for lengths of time. Severe depression can feel like a cloud that does not leave and makes it difficult to get through each day. One of the most important first steps you can take is scheduling a therapy session and arriving in your therapist’s office. You will then have a partner in helping you manage your depression, and we will work together to help you find meaning, connection, and lightness in your life.


When we go through painful past experiences, our mind and body find creative ways to protect us and help us survive. And yet, past traumas leave wounds and often our previous coping skills stop serving us. Trauma can leave us feeling inherently unsafe or unlovable, which impacts our relationships, sense of self, and view of the world. It can be scary to imagine addressing such difficult experiences, so know that we will go at your pace and establish trust and safety before exploring sticky trauma memories to work toward healing.

Sexual Issues

Relationships can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable, and one of the most historically unspeakable areas of relationships is sex. Each person has their own unique sexual history that impacts how they view their sexuality and how they engage sexually with themselves and others. Trauma, chronically low self-esteem, medical issues, porn history, and initial exposure to sexual material mark our sexual experiences. Whether in the context of individual or couple therapy, I make space to talk about your sexual history, current sexual struggles, and hope with you for positive sexual change.

While I facilitate empowerment and recovery in discussing your sexual self, it is important to know that sexual contact, sexual innuendos, or sexual boundary violations between a psychotherapist and a client are against the law and damage the relationship between a client and a therapist.

Creative Professionals

Fine art and words can be powerful vehicles for healing, expression, growth, and fulfillment, and yet when we struggle creatively we can feel stagnant, insecure, and even hopeless. Our creative selves are inherently intertwined with our emotional and relational selves, and when one part is suffering all parts feel the impact. Creative professionals have found a home in my practice to address perfectionistic tendencies, creative blocks, and fears associated with intertwining such integral parts of self in work.

Therapy for Therapists

I am passionate about fostering the growth of new therapists and addressing the unique needs of this profession and how it impacts therapists’ mental health.  

I enjoy working with therapists as clients – processing countertransference, using mindfulness to avoid clinical fatigue, and addressing how your relational history impacts your clinical work and mental health.

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